Around the World with Curb Fox

Curb Fox 5000 equipped with a belt conveyor paves a 30 m/97 ft radius on a rotary near Groningen, Netherlands. Two steel rebars are being fed into the front of the mold (at left) as the machine is paving.

  Curb Fox 3000 in Windhoek, Namibia, slipforms edgebeam adjacent to existing pavement. Average production was 600 m/1950 ft.
On commercial site near Sydney, Australia, Curb Fox 2000 slipforms small curb over steel rebar.  

Curb Fox 5000-T slipforms 2.45 m/8 ft wide sidewalk in park in Saskatoon, Canada. Paving speed for this sidewalk averaged between 2.5 and 3 m/8 and 10 ft per minute.

  Contractor in Hyderabad, India uses Curb Fox 5000 to pave 46 cm/18 in high median curb on new airport highway.

Curb Fox 2000 near Dublin, Ireland, slipforms curb below grade level.

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