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Contractors worldwide want to modernize to machine-laid curbs from slower, labor intensive, hand formed and precast curbs (kerbs).

But that step has been extremely expensive--until now.

With new and innovative curbing machines that step up is not as expensive. At Curb Fox you will find rugged and reliable curb, and curb & gutter slipform machines that fit into your budget. Plus, with every Curb Fox slipformer you receive the unique combination of affordable prices backed by over 100 years of slipforming experience.

The Curb Fox line starts with the most economical automatic curbing machine on the market today-- the Curb Fox 2000. It can pave anything from small curbs on top of pavement, curbs over steel dowels, taller curbs on sub grade as well as curb and gutter. You can choose the standard 18 hp. gas engine, or an optional 22 hp. diesel. For curbs on pavement, the CF2000 can operate manually, or with automatic controls on sub- grade. And the CF2000 can turn radii down to 18 in/46 cm.

Next is the mid-size Curb Fox 3000 curb and gutter machine. The CF3000 handles sections up to 4 ft/1.2m wide in the center, and up to 24 in/60 cm wide in the offset. A 25 hp. diesel engine is standard on the CF3000, with a 35 hp. engine optional. Other options include a belt conveyor for faster feeding, a front track with rear wheels, or all tracks for high flotation in soft conditions.

The Curb Fox 5000 is our all-wheel drive machine for the full range of curbing applications. With a 35 hp. diesel engine standard, the CF5000 paves any curb & gutter, sidewalks up to 6 ft/1.83 m wide, and curbs up to 24 in/60 cm high. To achieve maximum production, most contractors choose the optional belt conveyor on the CF5000.

Finally, Curb Fox offers the 5000-T all-track paver for a wide range of applications. The basic CF5000-T paves any curb & gutter utilizing a standard belt conveyor and 45 hp. diesel engine. A wide variety of options are available for power up to 80 hp, paving widths up to 10 ft/3 m, and heights up to 39 in/1 m barrier.

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Thanks to our distributor, WM-SERVICE Ltd., contractors across the Russian Federation are choosing Curb Fox slipform curbing machines.

With many new projects in process including commercial and residential buildings, as well as new road construction, quality curbing equipment is in great demand in Russia. WM-SERVICE meets these needs with quality Curb Fox slipform pavers, and with superior customer service.

In Orjol (on left), a Curb Fox 3000 slip forms 30 cm high curb on a new bypass. The total job includes over 21,000 linear feet/7000 meters of curb. A Curb Fox 5000 with conveyor (at right) paves a similar curb in the 'oil and gas capital' of Russia, the city of Surgut.

For customers in Russia and the CIS states seeking more information, WM-SERVICE Ltd. may be contacted in Moscow at tel. +7(495) 3801575, or email

Curb Fox 5000-T slipforms 2.45 m/8 ft wide sidewalk in park in Saskatoon, Canada. Paving speed for this sidewalk averaged between 2.5 and 3 m/ 8 and 10 ft per minute.

Curb Fox 5000 equipped with a belt conveyor paves a 30 m/97 ft radius on a rotary near Groningen, Netherlands. Two steel rebars are being fed into the front of the mold (at left) as the machine is paving.

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